About Tellscore

Tellscore, the leading Influencer Hiring Automation Platform, serves as the ultimate connection hub between brands, agencies, and influential content creators.

Tellscore offers two distinct services to cater to diverse needs. Firstly,
it operates as a full-service influencer agency with comprehensive media buy capabilities. Secondly, it provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, empowering brands and agencies who prefer a
Do-it-yourself approach.

In Thailand alone, Tellscore boasts an impressive network of over 80,000 influencers, encompassing a wide spectrum of macro and micro influencers across twelve distinct tribes. These tribes cover various areas of interest such as health, travel, tech, and gadgets.

At Tellscore, we firmly believe in the power of compelling content to elevate communication beyond traditional advertising methods. By leveraging advanced technology, Tellscore's creator content consistently outperforms manually-managed content, adding substantial value to every campaign.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Awards and Achievement


Tellscore Awarded Fast Enterprise & Master Entrepreneur from APEA


Tellscore Awarded Silver from Asean ICT Awards


3rd Prize eSolution Provider ETDA Electronic Transaction Development Agency


Tellscore as Top 10 MarTech in APAC by MarTech Outlook


Tellscore Awarded Thailand Startup of the Year


Tellscore Selected Startup in LINE Scaleup Program


Tellscore Awarded Winner in DEPA Accelerator Program


Tellscore Awarded Silver in Best User Experience from W3 AWARD

Our Special Friends

Our Special Friends

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