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Thailand Influencer Awards 2021 LIVE

Thailand Influencer Awards 2021 LIVE

Get ready for 2021’s Thailand Influencer Awards

Get ready for 2021’s Thailand Influencer Awards (TIA), organized by Tellscore to honor and celebrate brands and influencers for their impressive achievements! This year, Tellscore will be awarding influencers from 18 categories, plus the event’s first-ever awards for the year’s most impactful brand-and-influencer collaboration campaigns across 14 categories. Lastly, enjoy our line-up of surprise performances by the industry’s top influencers. The TIA 2021 event will be taking place on 21 October 2021 as a fully online event through LIVE Facebook: Tellscore under the concept “The Real Player.”



18 Categories for best influencer awards:

1. Best Beauty & Fashion Influencer

2. Best Foodie Influencer

3. Best Health & Sports Influencer

4. Best Travel Influencer

5. Best Tech, Gadget, and eSports Influencer

6. Best Parenting Influencer

7. Best Pets Lover Influencer

8. Best Entertainment Lifestyle Influencer

9. Best Financial & Investment Influencer

10. Best Real Estate & Property Influencer

11. Best Automotive Influencer

12. Best Silver Content Influencer

13. Best Healthcare Professional Influencer

14. Best Publisher Influencer

15. Best Digital Marketing Influencer

16. Best Social Change Maker Influencer

17. Best Green Change Maker Influencer

18. Best Youth Influencer


14 Categories for best brand-and-influencer collaboration campaign awards:

1. Best Beauty Influencer Campaign

2. Best Mom & Baby Influencer Campaign

3. Best Food & Beverage Influencer Campaign

4. Best Restaurant Influencer Campaign

5. Best Health Care & Aesthetic Center Influencer Campaign

6. Best Consumer Electronics & Devices Influencer Campaign

7. Best Home Solution Influencer Campaign

8. Best Financial & Investment Influencer Campaign

9. Best Retail Store & Shopping Mall Influencer Campaign

10. Best Mobile Network & Data Service Influencer Campaign

11. Best Delivery & Logistics Influencer Campaign

12. Best Energy Influencer Campaign

13. Best Social Change Maker Influencer Campaign

14. Best Green Change Maker Influencer Campaign